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Resharper Tips On Startup


Either way, you get presented with a configuration editor that lets you add a new profile. The Code Inspection | Code Annotations options page allows configuring this: The idea is simple: if you want the annotation types to be in your own solution (with your own namespaces), milliseconds - applies only to typing method calls, the rest of the options apply to the Parameter Information popup in all situations. As for the default annotation namespace, this actually determines which namespace will be used by default when referencing the annotation types.

The Other page contains additional options for code formatting. Depending on the language there may be up to hundred different settings, which allow you to define every detail of your code layout. However, in some situations you might have no need for particular context actions and want them out of the action list. Code Editing Naming Styles Some developers prefer an underscore in front of their private variables; others do not.

Resharper Updating Source Files Slow

The left-hand part presents a feature tree, letting you choose which feature you want to customize. To remove a run configuration, select it in the Run Configurations pop-up, and choose Configure | Delete. The setting applies to all popup lists that appear for navigation and search actions as well as for code completion actions.

If a string literal is too long, hit Enter and ReSharper will automatically put the part of it to the next line and insert the + sign. Which means you don’t have to re-learn anything. CamelHumps matching works there as well. Speed Up Visual Studio 2015 Startup Coding in the editor As soon as you've typed a method signature, e.g.

For each profile, you can see the settings it applies and, naturally, ReSharper lets you define your own profiles. Resharper Slow Visual Studio 2015 Normally, you will need to click Save To and use setting layers only when you want to share custom settings. Use Go to File (Ctrl+Shift+N) to locate specific project in the Solution Explorer - just select a .csproj file. Autopopup This page allows you to define how the ReSharper's IntelliSense autopopup works in various contexts of different languages. By default, the completion list automatically appears when you type any character allowed

The Color identifiers option, when checked, will tell ReSharper to color the text related to various inspection warnings/errors depending on severity The Highlight color usages option adds a colored underlines whenever color definitions Resharper Performance Profiler The option Show the “Import namespace” action popup determines whether or not you get a nice blue popup like the following for missing namespace imports: The Assume entry value can be You can play with the setting and check the changes in real time.  Members Generation ReSharper provides quite a number of code generation features. In the dialog that opens, specify a new name for the copied configuration, change any preferences as required, and click OK to finish.

Resharper Slow Visual Studio 2015

Line Breaks and Wrapping defines, predictably enough, how text is broken into lines (for example, on exceeding required document width) and the way in which it wraps around. Parameter Info The Parameter Information feature is configured as a part of ReSharper's IntelliSense though it can be used not only for typing assistance but for reviewing existing code too. Resharper Updating Source Files Slow Starting from ReSharper 6.1, you can use setting layers (briefly described in the beginning of this tutorial) to share naming styles as well as any other options. Resharper Is Thinking (esc To Cancel) This will disable the design-time inspection, but you will still be able to run code inspection in the desired scope when you need it.

They show up every time you start PhpStorm. If nothing helps If you've tried out everything described above and the performance is still down, you can temporarily disable ReSharper and check whether it was the cause of the slowdown. Didn't find what you were looking for? Search for anything (usages, implementations, code external to scope etc.) fetches to the Find Results Window. Visual Studio 2015 Speed Up

Do you want to move to the next member in a class? Want to locate where the current symbol is declared real fast? Fill in controller, then action arguments. Press Ctrl+Shift+R anywhere on the string and select Move To Resource (more...).

You will be presented with the following dialog box: The Options dialog box is split into two parts. Disable Resharper Intellisense You can add the the current file to the ignore list by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+8. if you are working on a plug-in for another program).

They show up every time you start PyCharm.

You can change ReSharper keyboard bindings for any action. You have two buttons that allow you saving the changes: Save and Save To. This will reduce disk operations. Visual Studio Track Changes Attaching debugger to running configuration If you need to debug a run configuration, you can start it in a debug mode right away.

Types of run configurations and their preferences ReSharper allows you to work with run configurations of three different types. Send feedbackReSharper 2016.2 HelpKeymap:ReSharper 2.x/IntelliJ IDEAVisual StudioBuilding SolutionUsing To-do ListsUsing Run Configurations ReSharper | Tools | Run Configurations... This might reduce the chance of UI and editor lags. You can do it even in fewer steps - just type in a new name and hit Alt+Enter.

Alternatively, you can click Execute to run/debug the configuration without saving. ReSharper will start a live template for smart loop generation with type and name suggestions (more...). Want it public or internal by default? General Formatting Styles You can configure global formatting rules on the Code Editing | General Formatting Style page.

Formatting Styles Besides configurable styles for symbol names, ReSharper provides configurable styles for code formatting. Here is what you can disable, starting from minimum disabled features: In Visual Studio 2015 and later versions, clear the Do not show Visual Studio bulb... If you place your caret on a parameter in the constructor and hit Alt+Enter, ReSharper can create a field or property and initialize it for you. Both are valid choices, and they are supported in ReSharper with the concept of Naming Style. Naming styles are customizable on a per-language basis and the settings are organized similarly for each language. 

When you select a setting in the list, the bottom of the page shows a code sample that demonstrates how this setting affects formatting. Executable Using this configuration type, you can run or debug any executable file. To do so, select the desired configuration in the pop-up, and then choose the proper run/debug command. If you want to create a copy of an existing run configuration, select it in the Run Configurations pop-up, and then choose Configure | Duplicate.

In this topic: Try this firstHardware check-listRecommended system software adjustmentsVisual StudioReSharperKnown Performance ProblemsKnown Compatibility ProblemsTry this first The most common causes of performance problems could be eliminated with the following actions: ReSharper's incremental build can considerably reduce build time, especially for large solutions. For instance, to disable completion on Space, dot ".", colon ":", and semicolon ";", uncheck the Complete on space check-box and type ".:;" in the Do not complete on box. Ctrl+Space; for more information, see Code completion in ReSharper help).

If you have ReSharper Ultimate license, you can profile run configurations with JetBrains dotTrace. Environment | Extension Manager: disable ReSharper extensions that you do not use. First Steps with ReSharperSpeeding up ReSharper (and Visual Studio)See AlsoConcepts:Coding AssistanceCode TemplatesGetting Started:First Steps with ReSharperLast modified: 15 December 2016 Send feedbackReSharper 2016.3 HelpKeymap:ReSharper 2.x/IntelliJ IDEAVisual StudioQuick Start Tips (TL;DR)ReSharper CookbookSpeeding For guidelines on switching between the two modes, please see this Parallels Knowledge Base entry.

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