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Return Code 8 Patchadd

This service is part of the server and client model, and can only be used from the server's console. Specify sources using the syntax shown below. global zone, -G specified If any packages have SUNW_PKG_ALLZONES set to true: Error; nothing changes. Applies the patch even if some of the files to be patched have been modified since their original installation. http://jscience.net/return-code/return-code-1-patchadd-failed.html

ATTRIBUTES See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: ATTRIBUTE TYPEATTRIBUTE VALUE AvailabilitySUNWswmt, SUNWcsu DIAGNOSTICS The following messages may help in determining some of the most common problems associated with installing The following commands should be executed to remove the saved files for patch patch_id: cd /var/sadm/pkg/pkgabbrev/save rm -r patch_id After these commands have been executed, patch patch_id can no longer be Most users will find the easiest way to specify a source for patchadd is to specify only a patch_location containing a set of patches. but I will leave that until later.

Explanation and Recommended Action patchadd was interrupted during execution (usually through pressing CTRL-c). Specify patch_id as the patch number of a given patch. Explanation and Recommended Action The /etc/patch/pdo.conf follows a specific layout. Specifying multiple patch_id's is recommended.

EXAMPLES The examples in this section are all relative to the /usr/sbin directory. Message Insufficient space in /var/sadm/pkg/PKG/save to save old files. (For 2.5 systems and later) Explanation and Recommended Action There is insufficient space in the /var/sadm/pkg/PKG/save directory to save old files. If you had online-backup installed but didn't have fddi installed, you would get the message : Package not patched: PKG=SUNWbf Original package not installed This message only indicates an error if Message patchadd Interrupted.

Specify net_install_image as the absolute path name to a Solaris 8 or compatible version boot directory. This time, the patch installation will ignore validation errors and install the patch anyway. Message Insufficient space in /var/sadm/patch to save old files. (For 2.4 systems and previous) Explanation and See KEY STORE LOCATIONS in pkgadd(1M) for more information. -n Tells patchadd to ignore the signature and not to validate it. Look in the log file for the reason pkgadd failed.

It would be great to see they key distributed with the patch. Backing out patch. Deferred activation patching requires the loopback file system (lofs) in order to complete safely. Explanation and Recommended Action The patch has already been applied, but there is at least one package in the patch that could be added.

Existing patches are: Solaris 2.1: patch 100901 Solaris 2.2: 101122 Solaris 2.3: 10133 Solaris 2.4 Sparc Platform Edition: 102039 Solaris 2.4 Intel Platform Edition: 102041 Solaris 2.5.1 Sparc Platform Edition: 104578 A patch may fix a related bug for several packages. Will not backout patch...patch re-installation. The user should take the appropriate action to correct the cpio failure.

I think this list should be easier to find - in a man page. this contact form Once the user has decided that it is unlikely that a patch will be backed out, the user can remove the files that were saved by patchadd. example# patchadd -k /etc/mycerts -P pass:abcd -x webcache.eng:8080 \ -M http://www.sun.com/solaris/patches/latest 101223-02 102323-02 Files One configuration file of note: /etc/patch/pdo.conf Patch configuration file. This installation will attempt to overwrite this package.

  1. Explanation and Recommended Action The prepatch script supplied with the patch exited with a return code other than 0.
  2. Message Package not patched: PKG=SUNxxxx Original package not installed Explanation and Recommended Action One of the components of the patch would have patched a package that is not installed on your
  3. This file is typically created during an initial install or update or by applying the patch for the “Zones Parallel Patching” feature.
  4. patchadd will backout the patch to leave the system in its pre-patched state.
  5. Maybe the man page for patchadd or in the README that comes with a patch cluster.
  6. Specify backout_dir as an absolute path name. -d Does not back up the files to be patched.
  7. Using default serial patching behavior Explanation and Recommended Action The /etc/patch/pdo.conf file is missing from the system.
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You should use the -C option only to install patches that are recommended for installation to the miniroot. A patch's README file specifies whether that patch is of the deferred activation variety. (Search on “Deferred Activation” in the README file.) If you are installing or removing a patch that This file is created during either initial installation or during an update. Message A previous installation of patch patch_id was invoked that saved files that were to be patched. http://jscience.net/return-code/return-code-12-reason-code-49.html About dlacher Search Enter search term: Search filtering requires JavaScript Recent Posts The New World Message In Hand Sun HPC ClusterTools 8.0 When did that happen Clean off the cobwebs Which

The second form of patchadd displays installed patches on the client, service, or to the miniroot of a Net Install Image. Under conditions indicated below, such patches require special treatment. The third form of patchadd displays installed patches on the client, service, or the mini root of a Net Install Image.

See NOTES. -S service Specifies an alternate service (for example, Solaris_2.3).

This is not necessarily an error. patchadd must be run as root. Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Tag Search Advanced Search Unanswered Threads Find All Thanked Posts Go to Page... linux operating commands and unix operating commands Solaris Patch exit When used in the global zone, the patch is added to packages in the global zone only and is not propagated to packages in any existing or yet-to-be-created non-global zone.

Return Code 2 indicates that the patch you are trying to install is already been applied. This guarantees that the patch is installed to both the /usr and root partitions. See PASS PHRASE ARGUMENTS in pkgadd(1M) for more information about the format of this option's argument. -t Maintains the patchadd return codes from the Solaris release prior to Solaris 10. Check This Out Setting this to 1 retains the current behavior of the patch system.

Warning: The system may be in an unstable state! Patch Installation errors Message The prepatch script exited with return code retcode. The time now is 12:20 AM. - Contact Us - UNIX & Linux - unix commands, linux commands, linux server, linux ubuntu, shell script, linux distros. - Advertising - Top The compressed miniroot was adopted first in Solaris for x86 and then in Solaris for SPARC over the course of Solaris 10 update releases.

Message Pkgadd of pkgname package failed with error code code. After you have completed the patch operation, uncomment the line cited above, then reboot to resume normal operation. Exit codeMeaning 0 No error 1 Usage error 2 Attempt to apply a patch that's already been applied 3 Effective UID is not root 4 Attempt to save original files failed The number of online CPUs in the system.

This file must be present for patchadd to function correctly. Specify a URL as the server and path name that contains the spooled patches. patch_dir The absolute path name to the directory that contains all the spooled patches. /var/sadm/spool/patch is an example of a patch_dir. Explanation and Recommended Action The installation of one of the patch packages failed.

patchadd is terminating. Find all posts by Tornado #2 06-04-2007 Tornado Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Join Date: Nov 2006 Last Activity: 21 October 2015, 12:28 AM EDT Location: Melbourne Posts: 261 This installation will attempt to overwrite this package. Explanation and Recommended Action The postpatch script provided with the patch exited with an error code other than 0.

When using a directory as the patch_location, specify that directory as an absolute path name. Systems running Sun Cluster 3.1 or Sun Cluster 3.2 are likely to have lofs turned off because of restrictions on HA-NFS functionality when lofs is enabled. SunOS 5.10Last Revised 9 Jul 2009 Name | Synopsis | Description | Options | Operands | KEYSTORE LOCATIONS | KEYSTORE AND CERTIFICATE FORMATS | Examples | Files | Exit Status | Servers can contain shared /usr file systems that are created by smosservice(1M).

A common reason for failure will be insufficient disk space to save the old versions of the files. Backing out Patch... The user has three options for handling this problem: Use the -B option while invoking patchadd.

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