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The gdb directory command can be used. Bugs If you think you have found a distcc bug, please see the file reporting-bugs.txt in the documentation directory for information on how to report it. distcc distinguishes between "genuine" errors such as a syntax error in the source, and "accidental" errors such as a networking problem connecting to a volunteer. Did you just use toolwhip? have a peek here

Please report bugs to . Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Xcode Error - Command /Developer/usr/bin/momc failed with exit code 6 up vote 1 down vote favorite I am trying to build an A binary doesn't care about what compiler you > >have installed. > > > >I hope you didn't reinstall Fink just because you updated XCode (same > >reason as above). > Since Joey was able to get maloader running that seemed like the most promising at the moment, but that is still just at the hello-world stage! > > https://github.com/froydnj/ld64/tree/ld64-136-linux > >

Failed With Exit Code 1 Swift

If a client-side timeout expires, the job will be re-run locally. GCC 3.3 will install itself under this name, in addition to .I TARGET-gcc and, if it's native, .I gcc-VERSION and .I gcc \&. .PP The compiler must be installed under the distcc ships these two files across the network and can therefore run the compiler/assembler remotely. .PP Fortunately, for most programs running the preprocessor is relatively cheap, and the linker is called

This has been discussed before, but not very definitively. This should be fixed in gcc 3.4. The compression ratio is typically 4:1 for source and 2:1 for object code. Command Failed With Exit Code 1 Setting this to a smaller value (e.g. 10 milliconds) may improve throughput for some configurations, at the expense of increased CPU load on the distcc client machine. .TP .B "DISTCC_SAVE_TEMPS" If

In use by another process. Failed With Exit Code 1 Xcode Compression is usually economical on networks slower than 100Mbps, but results may vary depending on the network, processors and source tree. The host list is a simple whitespace separated list of host specifications. distcc can run across either TCP sockets (on port 3632 by default), or through a tunnel command such as ssh(1).

The syntax is DISTCC_HOSTS = HOSTSPEC ... Linker Command Failed With Exit Code 1 Xcode Presently this condition is not verified, and it is on our TODO list to address this issue. .PP An easy way to guarantee that the include configurations are identical is to why is Newton's method not widely used in machine learning? I just need the order of steps to be followed to set up the environment. 1] Set up [More] Why won't IOS 7 allow me to use my itunes credit without

Failed With Exit Code 1 Xcode

The gdb .B directory command can be used. I can see where that would make things difficult if you tried to re-build an older revision, so we should probably change that. Failed With Exit Code 1 Swift I used fink to install those, and their dependencies. Clang Failed With Exit Code 1 Right now I am having a really annoying error with Xcode; I can't compile any code at all.

This is normally only needed if for some reason you can't install distccd into a directory on the default PATH for SSH connections. navigate here distcc doesn't split this into separate parts, but rather runs the whole thing locally. Installing Distcc There are three different ways to call distcc, to suit different circumstances: distcc can be installed under the name of the real compiler, to intercept calls to it and If the compiler exits with a signal, distcc returns an exit code of 128 plus the signal number. Xcodedefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/swiftc Failed With Exit Code 1

That's still bound to the OSX license saying that you can't run it virtualized when the host is not Apple hardware, even if technically, it works. distcc internal errors cause an exit code between 100 and 127. So if Amazon's AWS EC2 uses VMWare, or is somehow VMWare-compatible, we may actually be able to run OS X on it. Check This Out Such large values may speed up parts of the build that do not involve C compilations, but they may not be useful to distcc efficiency in plain mode. .PP In contrast,

I am using Xcode 6.1.1 version. –iKT Jan 19 '15 at 4:40 try several things : build clean , delete the derived data –justicepenny Jan 19 '15 at 11:30 Linker Command Failed With Exit Code 1 (use -v To See Invocation) The distcc client runs on this machine, as does make, the preprocessor, the linker, and other stages of the build process. This is intended to detect hosts which are down or unreachable, and to prevent compiles hanging indefinitely if a server is disconnected while in use.

As a general rule, if the aggregate CPU speed of the client is less than one fifth of the total, then the client should be left out of the list.

Obviously it's easy to say we can just buy more but the amount of time and effort it takes to do so is much more than you'd imagine. Wrap your build inside the pump command, here assuming 10 servers: .RS $ pump make -j20 CC=distcc .RE .SH "QUICKSTART FOR DISTCC-GSSAPI MODE" Proceed as per the .B QUICKSTART but in Please don't fill out this field. HOSTSPEC = LOCAL_HOST | SSH_HOST | TCP_HOST | OLDSTYLE_TCP_HOST | GLOBAL_OPTION | ZEROCONF LOCAL_HOST = localhost[/LIMIT] | --localslots= | --localslots_cpp= SSH_HOST = [USER]@HOSTID[/LIMIT][:COMMAND][OPTIONS] TCP_HOST = HOSTID[:PORT][/LIMIT][OPTIONS] OLDSTYLE_TCP_HOST = HOSTID[/LIMIT][:PORT][OPTIONS] HOSTID =

It is possible to get a "recursion error" in masquerade mode, which means that distcc is somehow finding itself again, not the real compiler. I've been unable to reproduce this error on my 10.3 machine (which is what I assume you're on, since you're building 3.5.2-12) What version of gcc do you have? (gcc --version), THANKS.extract the cpio file with the following command: cpio -idmv < filename.cpio hope this will help y [More] ORA-02068 and ORA-03113 Error 2068 trapped in 2PC on transaction 3.6.12908. this contact form Wouldn't that be easier than cross-compiling?

Why don't we buy 5 of these, put them in our data centre, put VMWare Fusion on them and then have like 60 independent OS X instances where we can both We've either have to underload the CPU/RAM or live with slow I/O to make VMs work. Why shouldn’t I use Unicode characters to simulate typographic styles (such as small caps or script)? Disappointing.

Shutting down the Pi safely without SSH or a monitor? While you will get some benefit from distcc's pump mode with only a few servers, you get increasing benefit with more server CPUs (up to the hundreds!). Two options are understood by distcc itself: --help Displays summary instructions. --version Displays the distcc client version. ld: malformed 32-bit x.y.z version number: 3.5.0-42-generic clang-3.4: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) configure: failed program was: #line 2572 "configure" #include "confdefs.h" main(){return(0);}

If so, how could this be done? This can be helpful in debugging problems.

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