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Failed To Get The Test Results At Servletredirector

All Places > JSFUnit > Discussions Please enter a title. The test result is stored in the application scope (Servlet context). But for test classes extending from servletunit.struts.CactusStrutsTestCase, it doesn't get work. ServletTestRedirctor should be in the cactus .jar -correct? Source

Can someone tell me the most common causes of that error?There are some possible causes. However the current version of the Cactus plugin for Maven does not support running the Cactus plugin at the level of the EAR project (we need to add support for this). Indeed, JUnit uses a special class loader to load classes that is incompatible with the Commons-Logging framework. Use a recent version of Commons-httpclient, which supports sending multipart data.

I've seen this problem numerous times and most of the time it was because someone forgot to compile there tests first, and so when they packed up the ear they didn't Cactus 1.3 no longer uses a serialized object to return test result. The reason is that we don't think it's necessary. I believe I'm referencing that .jar in all the right places.Can you confirm?# ok, this is where I put the cactus binaries.../usr/local/jakarta-cactus-13-1.7.1/lib/cactus-1.7.1.jar# simlink to be picked up on CLASSPATH/usr/share/java/cactus-1.7.1.jar# available to

Short answer: you don't ! If not (for instance the second request does not even arrive at a Cactus redirector) then the response to the second request (which very well may be a 404 or 500 There could several reasons for this: a valid Redirector URL but not pointing to the Redirector, a secured resource, etc. This file is the Cactus configuration file and is required.

In Ant I'm doing this: In web.xml I have this: describing how to use Java NIO, Commons-httpclient and Cactus to upload a file.

You seem to have CSS turned off. Thus, before each test you must set the fixture. What does it mean? I believe I'm referencing that .jar in all the right places.Can you confirm?# ok, this is where I put the cactus binaries.../usr/local/jakarta-cactus-13-1.7.1/lib/cactus-1.7.1.jar# simlink to be picked up on CLASSPATH/usr/share/java/cactus-1.7.1.jar# available to

Do you have this set up in web.xml? I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. How can I do that? However, the Cactus integration with HttpUnit currently does not support this use case (There's a bug opened for adding this support). [top]I have problems using StrutsTestCase...

The application to test also needs its own entries. http://jscience.net/failed-to/failed-to-execute-test-windows-remoteexec.html This can be factorized in the setUp() method or in the Cactus begin() method. [top] What version of Eclipse do I need for the Eclipse plugin? Thus you need to put the commons-logging package in the JUnit excluded.properties file (see the JUnit FAQ). [top] How can I parametrize my Cactus tests? I have problems using StrutsTestCase...Does Cactus support HTTPS?Why is my ServletContext and ServletConfig null in the servlet under test?"Can't find resource for cactus" error message If you get the following stack

Copied below are references to the cactus.jar and the web.xml formy test app. Why do I get an HttpClient NoSuchMethodError when running Cactus tests with JBoss 3.x?Does Cactus work with load-balancers? util.ChainedRuntimeException: Failed to get the test results at [http://localhost:8080/BOB_JUnitWebClient/ServletRedirector] at org.apache.cactus.internal.client.connector.http.DefaultHttpCl ient.doTest_aroundBody0(DefaultHttpClient.java:92) at org.apache.cactus.internal.client.connector.http.DefaultHttpCl ient.doTest_aroundBody1$advice(DefaultHttpClient.java:306) at org.apache.cactus.internal.client.connector.http.DefaultHttpCl ient.doTest(DefaultHttpClient.java) at org.apache.cactus.internal.client.connector.http.HttpProtocolH andler.runWebTest(HttpProtocolHandler.java:159) at org.apache.cactus.internal.client.connector.http.HttpProtocolH andler.runTest_aroundBody0(HttpProtocolHandler.java:80) at org.apache.cactus.internal.client.connector.http.HttpProtocolH andler.runTest_aroundBody1$advice(HttpProtocolHandler.java:306) at org.apache.cactus.internal.client.connector.http.HttpProtocolH andler.runTest(HttpProtocolHandler.java) at have a peek here If you're using the ServletTestRunner, then that would be on the command line that you use to start your container.

When you call cactus:test-ear, the Cactus plugin will then create a WAR containing your Cactus tests (the creation of the WAR currently requires a web.xml file - we should actually create Show 2 replies 1. To diagnosis the problem simply open a browser once your server is started (i.e.

Each test must be independent of the others.

  • Add these properties in the cactus.properties file.
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  • The runservertests Ant task hangs when my server is started I'm getting a "not a valid response error message.
  • What happens if you point a web-browser to the test-URL http://localhost:8080/BOB_JUnitWebClient/ServletRedirector If Cactus is correctly deployed you should get a 500 with the message "Missing service name parameter..." /Magnus -----Original Message-----
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  • The war is in the same EAR like my EJB.
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  • Received query string is [null].Also, this link might be helpful in getting things set up: http://jakarta.apache.org/cactus/integration/manual/howto_config.html Let us know how it goes.

What is happening? My web.xml file is capable of working standalone without requiring any filtered copy to work. Feel free to send some patch if you want it to work the way you described (and/or open some JIRA issues). Long answer: Cactus is meant to be a unit testing tool, meaning it lets you perform tests for a given method and then it lets you assert the result from that

It has its own mailing list/forum. Sometimes the test is running just fine. This is because the Cactus redirector expects HTTP parameter from the Cactus client side. Check This Out Automated exception search integrated into your IDE Test Samebug Integration for IntelliJ IDEA 0 mark CactusStrutsTestCase-testcase doesn't work !

Let me tell youwhat I've tried...I turned on logging to find the error, as suggested via mailing listand faq, but I'm sorry to say that it's not clearly given in the What does it mean? Then, as a second test, you could (if you wish) verify that calling the URL of the JSP does return such HTML content (using HttpUnit integration for example). I checked my web.xml and all seems ok - even tried precedingwith /cactusTest/ - bad sign when I'm taking blind stabs like that :(.

Copied below are references to the cactus.jar and the web.xml formy test app. When I run my Cactus test, I'm getting the following: org.apache.cactus.util.ChainedRuntimeException: Failed to get the test results [...] It means that Cactus failed to retrieve the test result from the server Check the Cactus Configuration Howto page for more information. [top]How can I have a web.xml that is valid both for testing and for production? Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 1 I have absolutely no idea what to do.

There are several reasons for this: tests become very brittle, test order is not guaranteed by the JVM, etc. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Can someone tell me the most commoncauses of that error?Post by Kazuhito SUGURIThere are some possible causes.

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