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Failed To Checkout License Sybase

These messages can be seen when a user attempts to check out a license reserved another user/group. Running SySAM utilities such as sysamcap or cpuinfo in a non-English environment can produce an error message. This could be because it has been edited, or accidently commented out. Error Possible Causes Solution Installation warning: cannot find a valid license. Check This Out

Unserved models The license for the given feature may not be copied in the local licenses directory. Locate the line containing "FLEXnet Licensing" – your log file may look something like this: 11:20:27 (lmgrd) FLEXnet Licensing (v11.6.1.0 ... 11:20:27 (lmgrd) Copyright (c) 1988-2008 Acresso ... 11:20:27 (lmgrd) US To help you determine the possible causes when your product cannot check out a license, execute the following command from the SYSAM-2_0/bin directory, at a Windows command prompt or in a When multiple product editions include optional features, the features are offered as separately licensed items for each edition.

The license has been altered. View this document as PDF   Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.4 > Installation Guide Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.4 for Mac > Troubleshooting    Chapter 7: Troubleshooting Troubleshooting SySAM Table 7-1 describes the SySAM Verify that the host ID recorded in the license file matches the host ID of the actual machine for which the license was issued.

For example, if you order Adaptive Server Enterprise, you cannot use a Small Business Edition optional feature license with an Enterprise Edition base product. When a product looks for a license, it looks in: The locations that represent the values set for the SYBASE_LICENSE_FILE and LM_LICENSE_FILE variables. Contact your network security administrator and arrange for a port number to be available, then restart the license server. Product cannot check out a license and starts in grace mode.

If a matching license is unavailable, Sybase Unwired Platform starts in grace mode (if available) to allow you to resolve the licensing issue. The license may have been activated for a different machine or activated with incorrect Host ID. You see a warning message if no suitable license is available. The license path is where the tools are looking for licenses.

At a command prompt or in a terminal window, execute the following commands, where feature_name is the name of the feature for which SySAM failed to check out a license: sysam The license is for a different operating system. The server hosts the feature that was requested - but not the correct version. For further information, please see the following FAQ: Do ARM's development tools support BORROW licenses? -96: License server machine is down or not responding There are several variants of this message:

If you get an error on replacing the files, make sure the SySAM service is not running. After files have been successfully copied, restart the SySAM service. See Installing for the First Time in the SySAM Users Guide. For example, there are 5 license in a SySAM server, 3 are in use by other host, so only 2 licenses can be obtained.

Adaptive Server enables the optional feature, even though all available licenses have been used by other servers. his comment is here The output will look something like this: c:\>lmutil lmstat -a lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2006 Macrovision Europe Ltd. The codes are common across ARM development tools. See Generating Licenses at SMP or Generating Licenses at SPDC.

The host name is recorded next to the SERVER keyword. The available license may not authorize use of this version of Sybase Unwired Platform. You may need to explicitly install a license server. this contact form This may result in the Sybase IQ server not starting due to licensing problems or the server may start in grace mode.Workaround – Turn off hyperthreading, configure SMT equal to 2

You have the wrong host ID for an unserved license. Another explanation could be that you have multiple license servers. You are using an unserved Standalone Seat (SS) type license on a terminal server.

License server executables and scripts not installed.

There are cases where this queuing mechanism fails, and this is when you would see this error message on the client. If your license is being created by typing from a paper copy, verify whether errors occurred when the license information was entered. Yes No How can we improve this article? Sybase IQ requires 4 IQ_CORE licenses but only 5 could be obtained."Workaround – There is no current workaround.

To comment on this topic, go to: DocCommentXchange. Only a few sections of the license file can be editted, editing any other section will result in this error. License checkout problems with unserved license See Unserved License Deployment Models in the Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM) 2 Users Guide. navigate here If you create the license by typing from a paper copy, verify that there have been no data entry errors.

The error code gives the reason for the failure, the most common codes are listed below: NOTE: It is possible that there is more than one reason the tools are unable If you get an error on replacing the files, make sure the SySAM service is not running. The license is for a different operating system. If your product does not include the option to install a license server, go to http://www.sybase.com/sysam and click Download the SySAM Standalone License Server – Free!.

Move your mouse over the bar and click Did you find this article helpful? Configure your product to choose a license for a specific edition and license type. lmgrd will have searched on the PATH, and within the same directory as itself. Licensed optional features work only with the licensed base product of the same edition.

If you are running in a terminal server environment, unserved licenses cannot be used. Sybase IQ shuts down after 30 days, if additional licenses are not made available within this period. The license server manager (lmgrd) has not been started yet, the wrong [email protected] or license file is being used, or the port or hostname in the license file has been changed. and/or Macrovision Corporation.

Table 7-1: SySAM error messages Message Description Action Use license file filename. It is assigned by the host operating system at server start.If the server has a firewall it is advisable to set the port manually. This is not usually desirable, but useful for trouble shooting.

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